Anyone from Boston area? (Hansom AFB)


May 13, 2002
Just wanting to know if anyone here is from that area. I will be PCS'ing (transfering) to Hanscom AFB in a year. What is the Boston area like? Any tracks there? How about cost of living? I heard it is pretty high. Gonna suck if I can't afford a place w/ a garage. Got a TTA and very nice Turbo T and soon a Syclone (after I get back :D ). Any info would be greatly appreciated! I am really looking forward to going there and my new job!

I love Boston, but it's too damn expensive to live here. I thought recently we just passed San Fran as one of the most expensive places to live.
Closest track is New England Dragway in Epping NH. Probably take about 35-40 to get there. Not bad. T/T nights are Wed. and Fridays. Weather is, well, it's New England, you can't expect the same weather two days straight, except for now we can expect extreme cold. Kind of nice today at 21*
Not sure what else you would like to know, but there are a few folks from MA on here.
I am from Mass

I live in central Massachusetts about 45 minutes west of Boston. I have an 87 GN and an 89 TTA. It will be nice to see another TTA around. When you get to the area post another thread and I am sure we can set up a time and place to meet up with the locals.
Im in the AirForce activated at Westover A.R.B. MA. Some of the "pros" on the area: Alot of car shows to choose from during any given week in the summers. Especially the Summer Nationals held during the July 4th week in Worcester(the best car show in New England etc..). When the weather cooperates, its very nice up here in the late spring to early fall(although 2003 had pretty much sucked). You do have New England Dragway not that far from Hanscom. Hanscom has an awesome auto hobby shop with tools etc.. and lifts that cost next to nothing per hour(one of the few AirForce perks). The base looks very nice too and its close to just about anything you need. Theres Cottons Performance in the Springfield Mass area(1 1/2 hour away). You have the mountains and the beach all in relatively short driving distance. Lots of musclecar folks up here and lots of nice cars to see/buy up here. Some of the "cons" on the area is the cost of living is alot around here and especially in the Boston area its the highest. The roads absoutely Suck yet cross over to NH and there smooth! Mass inspections are screwy. Insurance is high. Just about everything is high. I wouldn't get anywhere near the Boston area with your cars unless you want them damaged or stolen. Boston itself is a trick to go thru and it changes constanly(lots of one way streets)Drivers up here are crazy so be aware when you drive(especially on rt128 right next to the base). The winters here Suck as well and seem to last from Oct to April. I would advise getting a daily driver for the winter etc..(will come in handy ALOT) and keep the other cars locked up good when not in use.
Overall its been good for me(lived here most of my 30 years). If you have any questions about anything, email me at
Visit my website at and check out my 87 Turbo T Limited just to name a few. Sincerly, STEVE Z:)
SLZ, I wonder how someone who lives for free in a house handed to them could comment on house much it costs to live in MA?

Yes, it is expensive to live in MA and I do think we have taken over as the most expensive state in the country. The area is good for car shows in the 6 months of decent weather each year. Insurance is only expensive if you live in a bad area and have a bad driving record. There are places to store your cars just either email Steve or respond to the thread and we can hook up sometime.
You guys sound like good people! One of my supervisors was stationed there a couple of years ago and he loved it. He told me to move about 10 miles away from the base. I think he said just to live in NH. I think. Any particular areas that are nice places to live? I know the Air Force will give me enough to live in that area but since I am single, E-4 and I am wanting some kind of garage, I don't think I am going to be able to afford it. I get around $500 here in the Oklahoma City area. Well when I make rank here soon, I will getting more cash which will help. My supervisor was a TSgt when he was living there and he was allowed $800, plus or minus a few dollars. I think they are in the same tier as a SSgt. I would have to verify that one. I guess I have a year to worry about it but it never hurts to know ahead of time. The way my super. was talking, I should really like it. The job is going to be the great part! ;) I will have to get the TTA running when I get to the Boston. Anyone wanna help?:D Thanks for the info guys!
turboscott; All I have to do is read the house ads and see what people are selling for in the Worcester area and east to Boston :eek: $$$$ Living at the house where were at with no mortgage is definitly good but very far from living free. Everything else still has to get paid.
TTA1401; You said that the TSGT was getting 800 when he was here? Was that just BAQ, BAS or some other allowance on top of his base pay? I know where I used to live, there was two old 2-family houses(double-deckers) across the street from me in Worcester, Mass(2 bedroom, 1 bath) with no garage and a postage stamp for a lawn in the nicer part of the city. The rent was around 1200 a month(could be more now). In Boston you will pay thru the nose and have no space. I dont know the values of the homes in the Hanscom area but it seems to be a real decent area and your fairly close to Boston(just outside the 128 loop). Therefore the rents/housing costs will probably be much higher. Do a search online for homes in the Belmont, Concord Mass area to start with. They should at least be giving you alot just for cost of living allowance alone. I dont think you could live at the base housing being that your single. The dorms might be the ticket your you once you get there. Then from there you could venture out. When I was stationed in Charleston A.F.B. SC I stayed on base the entire time. Saved alot that way. Plus your cars have less risk to being damaged etc.. while on base. Find out and see if you have a contact at Hanscom that can give you any info that you seek. What career field are you in? Im Electro/Environmental. Email me with any questions. turboscott and 1987 GN are friends of mine and were big into cars here. Catch you later, STEVE Z
Welcome to the area! The area around Hanscom is expensive. You could move here to Nashua. We're about 25 minutes down Rt.3 to Hanscom. The local TB organization is called Nebra. Cotton's shop is about 1.5 hours away near Springfield. NED is about 1.25 hours away from Lexington. Me and Littlesixsteve grew up in Arlington (next town over to Lexington) and since moved to the great white north (cooold) of Nashua. Nashua is getting up there in price too. Trickle affect of being near Ma.
Don't trust anyone from New Hampshire :D Just Kidding.

You really ought to have your head examed for moving to mass or at least get a helmet for when you drive on the roads there. :D

It is one EXPENSIVE place to live.. Keep your cars insured & registered in a cheaper location. :eek:

As for Car shows I have no Idea WHY SLZ said they have them?
Lots don't allow T or TTA into the shows. :rolleyes:

Good luck & a year should fly by fast.. :cool:
I will have to check out that site when I get to the area. I guess I will have to do a search on those areas that you guys mentioned. My super. lived in some apartment complex and he told me he used every bit of his BAH. I know it was not around Boston or Hanscom AFB. I could be getting my facts messed up but he told me he got around $800 in BAH. I suck when I try to quote someone else.:eek:
I am a 2E151. Job title is satellite/wideband/telemetry communications tech. I do a little bit of everything dealing w/ communications. Pretty neat and involved job. Especially where I am at now. I am just tired of getting deployed to the desert. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the reason why I am over there but I want to start a family one day and this going away every 6 months has gotten old. Just hearing the married guys, especially w/ kids moan and groan about not seeing their family opens my eyes to what I could be going through. Maybe I will find me one of those rich/hot Boston girls!:eek: :D That would be nice!
I will be doing Air Force research and developement when I get to Hanscom.:D Now that is going to be pretty cool! I would like to stay in the dorms because I have been out of the dorms for more than 2.5 years. I would have to get rid of all of my furniture and what I am going to do w/ all of my tools?:eek: If I can't find someplace to put my cars in some kind of garage, I am just going to leave them back in St. Louis until I can afford a storage unit or what not. More less the Buick for that matter. The TTA is nice but the crank is broke anyways. I just cannot leave that Buick outside. I know it sounds stupid but I just love that car too much.:(
You really ought to have your head examed for moving to mass or at least get a helmet for when you drive on the roads there.

I had no choice. Now you got me scared!:D Damn, I thought Oklahoma was expensive!:confused:
littlesixsteve; I know that Rileys roast beef in Framingham and Kimballs in Westford(could have the name wrong) have car shows that started turning away anything that was 25 years or newer. However kimballs will allow Vipers and all Corvettes since the owners of those cars paid big money for them so then they are allowed at the show. I was told this by the show staff last year when I brought my T there(what a crock!):mad: What other shows have adopted this new 25 year rule that you know of?
TTA1401; By the way, very nice Turbo T you have there in your sig. For the civilians out there, PCS means permanent chance of station. That means when your active duty military at your homestation(the base you primarily work at) for a period of time, theres a chance someday that you would get "orders" to move to another base and you HAVE to go in most cases. Therefore permanently changing from one base to another. I also heard if your HOR(home of record) is in OK and its much cheaper out there for license/reg/ins then you can keep your OK status while in Mass while your in the military. STEVE Z
Originally posted by SLZ
What other shows have adopted this new 25 year rule that you know of?

The 2 you mentioned.. Both are kinda close to Hanscom with westford being a bit closer.
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Damn, I thought Oklahoma was expensive!:confused:

HA HA OKIE EXPENSIVE. Man I would live pretty darn good out there if I moved from here.

What is an average house say 3 or 4 bedroom nice area cost out there?
Originally posted by tta1401
Maybe I will find me one of those rich/hot Boston girls!:eek: :D :(

EEE there ain't no nice looking girls in NE.
Not until you hit NY.

Most rich ones up here are FUGLY. You might try hanging around
some towns up here that have $$$$$
Wellsley, Newton, Concord, Marblehead Those are some moneybag towns..
HA HA OKIE EXPENSIVE. Man I would live pretty darn good out there if I moved from here.

Just the insurance rates. Housing costs are pretty good. I am renting right now. 2 storie, 3 BR, 2.5 Bath, 2 livng rooms, 2 car garage for $700 a month.
Too bad about the girls. She might not look good but money can make you tolerable!;)
Originally posted by tta1401
$700 a month.

That $700 should get you a 1 Bedroom apartment in the greater boston area with maybe heat & 1 parking space.
for what you mentioned you have currently you would need to pay about $2500- in Greater Boston.

$850 would get you a 2/3 bedroom duplex in Nashua NH

Unless you are living on base you will have no money left for your cars :(
That sucks! How far away is Nashua from the base? The Air Force will pay the average cost for the area I live in. That is on top of my regular pay. It is called BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing). One of my buddys stationed in Alaska and he gets around $1000 for BAH. I will have to find out what kind of BAH will be for me.
How come nobody has mentioned........

MA being the next Gaystate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

There is a very well attended car show at the Tech school here on the Cape in Bourne in the summer time.

With the SJC's ruling my property value has skyrocketed