Anyone from the East Ohio/West PA want to put the smack down on a 300ZXTT!?!?!?!


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Oct 28, 2001
Ok, well a kid at my school has a 92 300ZX TT[his family is pretty rich]. He has the usual "ricer" attitude with american cars suck, I'd rather have 100hp per liter and ect ect ect. Anyway, he's stock for now. He needs a smack down from a Turbo Buick/Grand National. He says that "many cars that could take me from a stop couldn't take me from a roll." Well, anyone want to race this kid from a roll?

I have a nice part of I680 that is about 1 mile long that is nice and straight. Would anyone like to show him what an American V6 can do from a stop and a roll?