Anyone have problems with the fuel pump hose material?

GN owner

For the past few weeks my car started to run rough and would die frequently. It got to the point where it would not start. The first thing I did was to check the fuel pressure. The instant I turned on the ignition key the pump would run for the two seconds and the fuel pressure would read somewhat normal but the instant the pump stopped the fuel pressure went right back down to zero. The next thing I did was to hook up the fuel pressure gauge to the inlet fuel rail fitting on the passenger side. When I ran the fuel pump the results were the same so that pointed that the problem was the fuel pump in the fuel tank. Today I dropped the fuel tank and found out that the rubber hose that connects the fuel pump output to the fuel pump hanger output tubing was all mushy and the hose had burst, thus little fuel pressure. In Hawaii we have ethanol mixed with gasoline and was wondering if this is why the fuel hose material disintegrated. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of material the fuel hose should be made with? Thank you for any suggestions.
My Fuel line broke back in 1996. It is amazing yours has lasted this long.

When ever you put in a new fuel pump, replace the tank to body hoses with new, high pressure hose.

Even then it seems to last only 10-15 years.
Fuel Pump Hose


The fuel pump was replaced about three months ago and I used the hose that came with the Walbro 307. That's why I was surprised when I found the hose in this bad a shape. It's the first time I've ever come across something like this so I assume that the ethanol is the cause because last year people were complaining as they were having fuel system problems with their cars and boats as aired on the local tv news.
I just don't want to go through this episode again and be stranded on the road somewhere in the near future.
They must have not given you the right hose for your in-tank pump, napa sells a hose that is 5/16- 8mm, that is designed for in-tank pumps, about 25.00 a foot, kinda spendy. too bad you only need a couple of inches, but it comes in single foot lengths, part# H209 or H211, can not remember which, but give them a call.