Anyone have the new MT Drag radials??


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Does anyone have the new Mickey T Drag radials?? If so how do they compare to the BF/Nitto's??? Also Where can I find sizes and prices for them..
How about the new M&H drag radials - they look even better? anyone using them or know where to get a set?
The new MT drag radial will not be a daily driver tire like a nitto. They are basically soly designed for "class" racing....very very very little actual street use. They seem to be softer then the bfg by along way...they will probably have fairly short lives as well...

I heard that in testing some went high 1.2 60's....from high 1.3's on the same car.

I d like to hear more about or see some m&h radials....
If you're a megabucks racer in a DOT class, the grippiest DOT drag radial you can get your hands on is the ticket. Mileage - who cares - you get your tires for free and toss 'em after a few passes. Wet weather - that's for ducks. Puncture resistance - ain't no nails on MY track...

i thought imight thow this in here a friend of mine let me use an old half worn out set of recapped drag tires to go to the track with & i was so impressed i bought a set . they are very good quality they are the old MT tread design & the tread is quite deep my friend says they are as good or better in the rain than street tires. they are quite soft and hook well & are cheaper than all these others they also look real mean from the back of the car.

if interested i think they changed names but were called tread systems they are out of geoegia the # is 1-800-922-1642

they call them green dots.
The PSCA Guys are going 8.6s on the 275/60s.
I would think they will go 8.5 to 8.4s before all
is said and done. The 315 tire is going to go
7.8s before the year is up.
hEY nite-mare bob,
I've got a set of those on my ride right now. They are an excellent tire for the $. I'll probably buy them again.

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