Anyone heard of Alumaloy?


Reel 'em in
May 29, 2001
This stuff is supposed to have a super high tensile strength. Comes in "welding stick" form and you can use a simple propane torch to use it. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Seems like you could repair a set of aluminum heads (or just about anything aluminum) at home with this stuff. :D
I saw that stuff on tv, I was really tempted to get some but never did. It sure did look good though.
It's good stuff but don't bother buying off the late night TV comercial. This stuff has been around for years as aluminum brazinf rod. Check out for the same stuff you would find at your local welding supply shop (where it will be about 1/5 of the infomercial cost). They call it "3 in 1 rod."

I've used it to put injector bosses in an edelbrock intake manifold for a port injection conversion and to fab odds and ends from aluminum. I had to use a MAP gas torch for the EFI conversion because the manifold itself was such a big heatsink. Propane worked for anything else I used it for. Still have several pounds of it.

You wouldn't want to use it to repair a head though. The melting point is relatively low, maybe half what aluminum is?

Charles Brooks
Could you use that stuff to weld on a Dutt neck?