anyone here from pittsburgh???


getting back in it
Oct 21, 2001
just wanted to see how many peps are on here from pittsburgh or close by?? (hope i posted this in the right section)?? lata greg
I'm from pittsburgh. I know all kinds of turbo regal owners in the area. If you need anything or just want to talk feel free to email me.

cool i think i was talkin to shawn about u u from cranberry if i recal or i could be wrong ?
i dont have one either (yet) hopefully summer it is tuff to find them i know shawn also he is a very good guy, and are u the same 88 cutty from pastreetracing? lata greg
Calm down guys, I am just kidding, I am not into football, I like fast cars etc.:D
I live in CT but I have a brother who lives in Fair Oaks, just outside of Pittsburgh. I have to tell ya....i've been to his place about a half dozen times and I saw ONE TR!!!!!:mad: It was a light blue 87 "T". I'll be visiting him again in April and i'll be driving my "T". Can anyone tell me where the local "hot spots" are and if there's any TR's that hang there. Thanks..... Ken B.
Originally from the "Burgh" Live in N.C. now still havee family and lots of Buick friends up north.
Why doesn't someone organize a turbo buick car show near the pittsburgh area??? I know of 10 of the top of my head.