Anyone interested in a Dyno Day?


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Jul 10, 2002
New England Dyno and Tuning gives you the opportunity to test your car on the state of the art in-ground Dynojet Dyno.
If you can get ten people to come and confirm then we can classify it as a dyno day. We allow anywhere from 3-6 pulls and you can perform minor changes between pulls to see what makes more hp.
If you have no mods on your car this is the best time to dyno your car and get a baseline as you add mods and dyno the car again you can actually see what the gains were. Don't always believe the manufacturers claimed performance increase.
If there are 10 or more members dynoing their cars at the event the cost is $65.00 per car for up to six runs on each car, If you want to also check your Air/Fuel ratio we charge an addition fee for Wide Band O2 hookup. We throw a free barbecue (burgers, hotdogs, soda and chips) and prizes to be raffled off! We also give you the option of driving your own car on the dyno.

We have a Nitrous Filling Station in the shop. We also offer special pricing on Nitrous on Dyno Day Events.

If you want to make an appointment for dyno tuning call or e-mail for more information. We do all tuning on the dyno we tune the following systems F.A.S.T/SpeedPro, Accel DFI, Motec, Electromotive including the TEC 2 as well as many other aftermarket system. We also can burn chips on site now.

We updated the webpage recently, check out some of the customers cars that we have dynoed.

If my trans is fixed my then I might just be interested....when is the date of the Dyno Day? Thanks for the invite. Tell us about your ride....I always loved the SLP-prepped LT1 cars.

I might be interested. I just have a hard time committing to a hard date due to my job. It all depends on how labor negotiations go.:( I should know more by the 22nd.
Wide band O2 is just and additional $10.
Most other shops charge from $25 to $50.

What other Buick Turbo message boards are there where we can post a Dyno Day. Also thinking about adding Turbo Trans Am's to the mix.