Anyone know where to get a vest?


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Nov 27, 2003
Another one of my hobbies is looking good. Anyone know where to pick up a nice vest(other than black-got those) for a reasonable price? I've checked e-bay and about all they have are leather and black tux vests!
The Village People might not be using their's anymore. Give 'em a call. :biggrin:

Seriously, I haven't seen anyone wear a vest since 1982. I had a brown suede one back then myself and a big cowboy hat to boot.
My reply would be Tux shops they sell them after a while. most are in like new shape. its worth a try. there has to be a local place that rents tux's. i have seen a lot of really nice ones for sale when all my friends where getting married and i was being fit for the tux's.
Go to a dedicated suit store. I have 2 or 3 suits that came with vests. I've never wore the vests though. Last thing I need is a t-shirt, dress shirt, suit jacket and a vest in 90* heat down here in south florida.