Anyone make muffler delete pipe?

Ross L

My hookers are rusted/rotted out but the rest of the system is in great shape. I want to replace the muffler with a section of 2.5" pipe. It can't be any louder than with an open dump, which is how I'm driving it now:eek: Who's done this and does anyone know where I can purchase such a pipe(s)?
Just get yourself the correct length of 2.5" pipe and if you don't want to go get it welded order two clamps to mate it with the pipes at each end and you're done.

Or if you can't find a website to order a custom length pipe just buy one of these cheap 4 foot sections and cut it out yourself.
Exhaust Tubing, Straight, 2 1/2 in. Diameter, 4 ft. Length

if the inlet ant oulet are offset from each other, then you will need to get a piece of pipe with a little bit of and offset.
just take it to an exhaust shop and tell them what you want. it should be easy enough for them to make a pair of pipes and weld them in.
another option would be to buy a pair of glasspack mufflers that have theoffset ends on them. they are designed to be used in aftermarket exhaust setups that were designed for use with mufflers that had offset inlets and outlets.
GLASSPACKS! are you trying to get me banned from the buick community?:smile: Yes, my mufflers are offset. I thought someone sold such a thing as an offfset 2.5" pipe. Thanks for the input!