Anyone on the HRPT this year June 11th-17th?


Turbo Milk Jug displacmnt
Couldn't find another thread already except Dave's on the GTG in LA at the start, wondering if anyone is doing the HRPT this year? There is a group of about 15 of us from the DFW area doing a few legs, and about 6 of us doing the entire thing from Baton Rogue to Kansas City....3 of them in Turbo Regals....mine's still not together so I'll be in the vert TA.
Yup! GNGAL AKA Christina is going to be a HRPT long hauler for the 7th time. :)

If she needs anything along the way. we need to roll out the red carpet for her.

I'm just proud to say that she's got my bumper fillers on her car.:D

Hey guys! Don't look now, but that chick is making us look like slackers,:eek::D

Mike Barnard