Anyone run or know about the TA Performance Roller Rockers?


May 28, 2001
Anyone running the TA version of T&D roller rockers (see description below)? I'd more or less decided on the Harland Sharpe's, but want some feedback on this setup. I'd be using these with a 214/214 roller cam.

For those interested, there's another decent thread on roller rockers at:


TA Roller Rockers

Background: Buick used a short length rocker design on their engines which made them vulnerable when using a higher lift cam. The additional loads can break stock rockers and/or shafts. Even some aftermarket roller rocker assemblies are prone to breakage and accelerated wear under high performance applications. TA Performance has a proprietary designed roller rocker assembly made by T&D. Though T&D already offers Buick roller rockers there was still a need for a more durable version, thus the Exclusive TA design. Our roller rockers are another fine example of TA Performance giving you the best product for the money.

FACT: .090" wider than standard roller rockers

FACT: The rockers are first bored .010" over the diameter of the shaft, then counter bored on each side to house the bearing assemblies. This process leaves approximately a 5/16" center support between the bearings for extra strength where it is needed most.

FACT: The rockers are relieved to clear most performance spring and retainer combinations. They can be further machined for larger springs such as those used on roller cam combinations. The additional .090" wider rocker with the center support make this possible, this can not be done with any other Buick Rocker!

FACT: 7/16" full threaded adjuster screws allow for adjustment for best valve train geometry. Some vendors use 3/8" which are prone to breaking.

FACT: Torrington roller bearings are used on the SHAFT. Some roller rockers use bushings on the shaft which are prone to walking out of the rocker. The use of bushings also increases drag and friction which consumes horsepower and reduces the life span considerably when compared to a rocker using roller bearings on the shaft.

FACT: Hardened 8620 SOLID Steel shafts with exacting tolerances around the bolt holes ensure the most material in vulnerable areas such as the front and rear bolt locations.

FACT: TA Rockers are made with 2024 billet aluminum that has a higher tensile strength than other rockers that are made from 6061 material.

FACT: A Special multi stage heat treat and conditioning process used on the adjuster screws provides the utmost in durability & Strength.

FACT: Shipped fully assembled with mounting STUDS as opposed to bolts, which reduces the wear and stress on the threads in the cylinder heads.
T/A's replacement rocker shafts are worth their weight in gold! The are much thicker stock than oem's. The construction material is much stronger. They have much smaller holes [mounting] than oem's resulting in faaaaaar less roll/twist/ flex on these studs making the whole set-up much more stable. The rockers they have designed, and they were first to do it, for our motors have nothing but praise from everyone who's run them. T/A's rockers on these shafts are impossible to beat from what I have read and heard. Harland sharp's are great rockers, T/A's are better!
Thanks for the feedback!

Anyone know what improvements TA makes above the general T&D design? Specifics on how these are superior to the Harland Sharp design?

Thanks in advance.