Anyone run water injection on a 3800 SC?

If so, can you post up details of what system you're running and how well it's working for you? Just contemplating putting one on my '98 Regal.


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Nothing known to mankind has higher latent heat than pure water. Water also expands 1600 times in volume when turning to steam at atmospheric pressure. To turn water into steam at 8 psi, it requires a greater temperature than 212F to ensure some level of equal distribution. If the manifold is designed for dry flow, equal distribution is a real challenge.

If that was still the objective, you have to maintain temp above boiling at the boost pressure, while the temp drops during injection. So . . .

At 10psi boost, you need +240F constant, plus the mass flow to maintain that.
That means inlet temps should be +130F WITH enough mass flow for the injected volume make the equation work.

Hope that makes sense.


Tall Chinese Guy
Not sure who the question directed to, and I don't know anything about w-bodies.

What I do know is that the laws of physics are constant, and don't care about the platform.
I’ve been thinking of going e85 in my t type and pulling my meth injection off for the gs. What are you tuning with?
Yea that was my thought. I already have the system and thought it may be a cheap way to run a 3.6 or 3.4 pulley. Would just need a way to pull some fuel.


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I actually have everything to install a IC that I bought awhile back and haven't used it.
I have a 01 GS as a daily and a 01 LS Supercharged that I race.