anyone running an oil catch can system?

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I have a friend of mine who is questioning why many of us guys don't use an oil catch can type system on these cars. I know plenty of LS-motor guys who use it. Is anyone using a setup like that....and if so, post up some pics. If its a dumb idea, please tell me why!
there are a few threads regarding this already..... definitely NOT a bad idea... as i have one [not installed yet though]:redface:
Dual Catch Can Set Up

I'm running dualies. These work great!

AMW catch cans (Accurate Machine Works) Accurate Machine Works

The LS1-LS2 crowd will know all about these. Got mine from Haney MotorSport Mustang & Roush Performance Parts and Accessories

One for the PCV system and the second one for the valve cover venting.

So far have found less than 3/8" depth of oil caught in the PCV system catch can after about 600 miles.

Just remember to install an inline check valve on your PCV system.
On a forced induction vehicle, a check valve should be used in-line to prevent undesired pressure from entering catch can. Check valve should be placed between vacuum source and catch can.

Here's some pics.



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I run one on the pcv circuit and one off the driver sider valve cover.

The one on the pcv takes care of any oil that gets sucked when in vacuum.

The one off the valve cover is for when in boost. No more dripping breathers.

Passenger valve cover is plugged.

No teasing about the master cylinder.


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I run open breathers usually but if I know I'm going where they might be testing like a car show or to the drag stip I run one off pass breather to the can & then back to pre turbo area as thats same idea as stock with a stock cover on DS. It is rarely hooked up. Actually havent yet this year but everytning is in the trunk & takes 2 mins to do the changeover.
Purely to avoid tickets up here.