Anyone seen the new Wheel Vintiques "Billet Duke" wheel? 17" version of Vector


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Dec 23, 2002
Wheels look great! Obviously designed for the Mopar crowd, I'm thinking these would look sweet on a GN or T. Anyone seen these in person yet? I emailed about a price, haven't heard back yet.


Those look pretty good. 17" huh?
Post the price when you get a chance.
too bad they wont fit..... i always said they shoud build bigger diameter "stock appearing" wheels
They are making 15" for the buicks just waiting on proper backspacing and pricing.
If someone would make a lightweight 17" version of the GN wheel I'd be all over it, I bet tons more would as well!! I'd bet if anyone would, it would be these guys, they're even making an 18" version of the old Pontiac rally wheels!!