Anyone use a single Din flip out 7" screen?

Well finally got a video by pass switch so I could install the head unit. When it slides out it JUST clears the shifter while in park.

video of opening Uploads/2015-03/1F0FBE5C-2612-419C-84E7-F75906347E14.mp4

video of DVD playing Uploads/2015-03/21AB2A4F-DF57-45A7-BF04-75841CDFE8D0.mp4
looks great, thanks for the show and tell...After finishing this do you feel like its worth it to swap the ac/heat controls or not?
I don't think it would be worth it, for me anyways. If I want to get to the controls I just have to hit the open button for 2 seconds and it folds down for a few seconds to access the a/c heater controls Then goes back up after a few seconds. will try and go out and get a video of it for you in a little bit
uploading the video now to Photobucket will post it in a few.

VaderGN also took pics of the by pass package uploading those also
VaderGN here is the pics. can see in the upper of the one it shows what models it will work with. The guy at the audio store said this one works with all Pioneer AVH models.