Are there going to be any cars for sale at the Midwest Challenge


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Aug 13, 2001
Are there going to be any cars for sale at the car Show at the Midwest Challenge? Been looking for a nice GN for awhile now. Everything is way over prices or beat to hell. :D
A long time ago....... Been looking for a GN for awhile, stock or with mods. everything seems to be way over priced or junk... Rick you have any leads:)
Hey Nick!

My GN has turned into a nightmare. Major wire issues and so forth!

I am not sure I will be able to make it like I planed but we will have to see...
I saw an stock 87 GN listed in the latest issue of Chicagoland Chapter Buick GSCA. PW,PDL,AM/FM cassette, Analog dash, Non TTop. 125,000 miles- owner says good to excellent condition-Western suburbs. $ 5995 or OBO. Call Jim Wolf 708-246-0745. Good luck- Brad
Cars For Sale

I Know There Will Be A Few Cars For Sale.
There Is An 85 With An 87 Drivetrain Coming.
I Checked It Out Already.
Looks Like A Nice Car.
Really Clean.
It Should Sell Fast.
I Can Get A Name If Your Interested.
I Am Local To The Track.
I Hope You Can Make It.