Are you better off leaving the factory paint?


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I've just purchased a 1987 WE4. My plan was to get it repainted however after using 3M "Finesse-it" it seems that for the most part the swirl marks are gone. Of couse the small door dings are still there and a lower dent in one door. From a future value stand point I'm I better off repainting the car ( Clearcoat/basecoat) or leave the factory paint and get a "dent guy" over to see what he can do. The paint on it now looks like a 80s factory paint job. When the sun hits it head on it doesn't have that deep dark black look.Maybe that's the way they came. Thanks for any input.
If the factory paint is good and or funds are tight leave it.But its hard to match the luster of a modern basacoat clearcoat finish.My 87 GN was repainted before I bought it and the finish is stunning...Good Luck
Is that what a good paint cost now?

That would be on the low side and would not have much wet sanding done if at all if done by a group of professionals. This is assuming the doors arent rotted either. Sourcing doors and prepping them will add at least $1500.
Good Lord!!

My factory paint job is looking better... And that dent looks like a "character line" and the door dents are nothing more then places visted in the past
Is that what a good paint cost now?

I would think for $5500.00 you could get a pretty decent paint job depending on where you live of course.

The sky is the limit on paint these days. Your paying for prep and wet sand mostly which basically determines how ur car will look in the end. Very time consuming.

The paint itself is not that expensive. You get what you pay for tho.
Being in a similar sitchiation,work on power output so that as the car flies by,no one really has time to notice the paint!Been workin'for me for over a year now!!:biggrin:
Leave the factory paint alone. Previous owner probably made it a point to garage the car. It's only factory once. My 86 GN has factory paint. Spider cracking on the hood, but I don't want to mess with it. Spend the money elsewhere.
Making it look good

Get a good paintless dent repair to take care of that part. Look at Zaino for wax products. My car looks much better after a bit of work. Spent the repaint money on a nice rebuild instead.