Arm Rest, Billet Shift Knob, Cam Button, Taylor Wires, etc..


Bad luck Buick
Jun 16, 2014
Hey all. Here's some junk leftover after converting my car to tr6 and bringing the interior back to stock. The coil pack is a Duralast I got from Autozone in January. Has about 1000 miles on it. Worked fine, its a good backup to keep in the trunk.
Photo Aug 21, 1 02 20 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 21, 1 02 28 AM.jpg
Taylor Wires are a little dirty but work great. No idea how old but I daily drove the car with them on for a year with no problems.
Photo Aug 21, 7 46 35 AM.jpg
Have this nice Billet Shift ball that I believe came from HR parts. has some verrry light scratches on one side that I tried to show in the pic. This attaches to your stock shifter with the included adapter. Very nice but I wanted my interior to appear stock.
Photo Aug 21, 1 00 40 AM.jpg Photo Aug 21, 1 01 03 AM.jpg
Also have this center console armrest. You take your console door off and drop her in there. Cupholder flips out. Very convenient. Didn't like the look of it though. No idea who made it but it works great. Little dirty but will clean up no problem.
Photo Aug 21, 1 02 52 AM.jpg Photo Aug 21, 1 02 56 AM.jpg
Also have this random Cam Button.
Photo Aug 21, 1 02 02 AM.jpg
$100 + shipping takes it all. PPG or send me a check.
twsted has dibs if he still wants it. If not I will do $40 + shipping to next in line.
Coilpack, cam button and shift ball still available. $50 shipped.

Armrest sold
Wires sold