ARP head bolt kit -

12 Pt. I believe the difference in the points is PSI rating. The 12's are 190,000 PSI Pro-Series and the Hex's are 170,000 PSI. Price on the 12's will be higher. I use the 190,000 PSI.
DOH, I just put a set of Hex's in MY motor. At the time I didn't know that they made two different ones. I'm now working on a second motor for a friend. He needs head bolts.

Can anyone verify Intercooler's info?

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Can anyone verify Intercooler's info?

He is 110% correct. I just learned about these bolts building my new motor. Luckily I found out about the 12pts before I installed the hexs so I could still exchange them...
I like the 12 point's.....easier torqueing the heads in the car:p I have used both..
I have used both.

I saw no difference in how they worked on the head.

I have pushed head gaskets using both of them. It was not due to the bolts, I can say that much.