As the Buick Passes.....


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Apr 30, 2003
Does anybody know what is wrong with me? I have never owned a Turbo Buick, or sat inside of one. Out of the 2 times I have seen one on the road my heart skipped a beat and my head whipped around (it was in other lane) and It was impossible to pop a U-ey and catch up with it. I love these cars ! lol.. :( Is this common or do I have a problem?

You have a huge problem.....Just like me;)

This my son is a natural feeling when you see something not normally seen on the road. It's a natural gut instinct to get one, because you won't regret it. Once you come over to the darkside, there's no going back.

"Were did I hear that before? ;)

Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a TR and I still react that way when I see another one on the road.

You have the disease that has no cure. If you get a TR.... you will still feel that way.

You need to meet someone who has one and go for a ride...... yeah...... that should help you get over this illness :)
I think I have it worse now that I have a TR.

More than ever I want to meet other TR people and talk cars.

Guess I will see the TR and get a focus....go cold turkey.
when i see one i get all giddy lol , a lot of my friends give me a call when ever they see one, even the girls that didn't like it at first.
Yes my friend you can call it a problem but believe me your not alone!!
Hah i love it cause i swear i think all TR owners are the same any time i see one i go nuts and even all my friends tell me when they see one too "yo joe there was this national i saw today" i get crazy any time you see another TR on the road which is like never you get the thumbs up from the other driver its like a huge family i can talk about these cars for hours on end and never get bored. at lease you have good taste jake616 :D
Don't get to thinking you'll buy one and "get it out of your system". These were the cars I lusted after during hight school and college. There was 1 GN and 2 t-types in my town, and my eye was always peeled. I knew where 3 t-types and 2 GN's were when I went to college, and I'd drive miles out of my way just to drive by and ogle them. Last summer, I decided to buy one, own it for 6 months to get it out of my system, then sell it. I determined I'd just fix it up to stock with standard mods. I've had it a year and a half. I just hit 12's, and I've got the bug bad enough I want 10's. I quite simply no longer can think about parting with it. I frequently run into guys that "used to" own them, and they are all over the car, and every one laments selling it/having to sell it/wrecking it.

So prepare yourself before you go there. There IS no return....