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May 19, 2014
MAF Translator mounting bracket. Previous posts with pics were lost. Making new post.

Custom made mounting bracket for the I make out of acrylic and is black.

This attaches to radiator header panel (using an existing hole) and uses one of the bolts that locks in one of the horns on the inner fender. This recesses the top of the translator to be roughly even with the header panel so it will not interfere with the functionality of the hood and leaves plenty of space below it for air filters or working on wiring etc.

Translator box is sealed from elements and is always mounted under the hood anyway if you are worried about water getting on it.

Correct size spacer for header panel hole included. Bolt not included for the header panel.
The brackets will now come with the screws to hold the Translator to the bracket.

You should be able to reuse the horn bolt as mine was long enough.

$28 shipped to lower 48 States.

Paypal accepted and preferred. Add on fees if not sending as Friends and Family.View attachment


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