ATR 3" DP with Stock Headers?

Oct 30, 2009
Will stock headers work with a 3" ATR downpipe?

I have a 3" ATR downpipe (with external wastegate) on my car and ATR headers currently off of the car.

The headers are cracked all over the place and the guy who is welding them is worried about messing them up. The car needs to move, and my girlfriend has given me "permission" to spend some money.

I was close to pulling the trigger on $700 "KB" or "SE" headers, but I am worried about the quality. I am concerned enough to consider just buying the race headers from TA Performance, since any money I might save will blow out the tailpipe if my turbo eats slag from a crappy weld.

For my purposes, I do not need performance headers, but I assumed that I needed them to work with the bigger downpipe. I would much rather spend a little more than the KB or SE headers and get the TA Performance stock replacements if they will work.

I still have the "instructions" that came with the DP (from 1994), but it doesn't say anything about compatibility with stock headers.

Any advice is appreciated.
How far is it moving? Push/pull it up on the trailer and go.
Short answer. Yes.

I assume short answers hide hard truths. As difficult as it was to get the stuff off that fits, I shudder to think about installing parts that need more convincing.

How far is it moving? Push/pull it up on the trailer and go.

It doesn't have to move far. We had a plumbing issue above the garage, and workers will have to get access to the area where the car is sitting. Unfortunately, we live in a condo, so I doubt the HOA will be happy if I roll a disabled "Monte Carlo" into a parking space. Mildly concerned that the ceiling is going to fall on my Buick, but I just have to forget about that right now. Might have to just roll it halfway out while they work.

Not living in Texas anymore. Currently in my second year of law school in Memphis. Haven't met any car buddies out here yet, and don't know anyone with a trailer. Definitely not like DFW. Plenty of G-Body cars, but none of them have 15" wheels.

I'm probably just going to have to figure something else out. Spending $800+ on car parts with student loan money is bad enough. Doing it in a rush with my fingers crossed is a good way to end up sobbing under the hood of my car. I'd prefer to avoid that.
I have a THDP that was made for ATR headers. It fits/works with BOTH stock & ATR headers. Had to use the stock headers while I got my headers fixed too.