ATR swaybar

What is my ATR rear bar worth ?? Thinking about going to the H&R bar... :cool:
Got the 1998 ATR catalog right here. $180 was the going price. What it's worth now? Depends on who and how bad they want it.:biggrin:
i paid $100 shipped from a board member for mine just under a year ago, im thinking that people are having sticker shock and thats why there hasnt been an intrest.

my .02

I am fine with that , But there other option is $ 500.00 H&R or SPOHN bar so the ATR bar is a bargain IMO
just a heads up for reference. FULL THROTTLE has a 1 3/8 solid rear sway bar available for 159. i believe this is very comparible to the atr bar

hope this might help with some ideas:D