ATR Downpipe?


Oct 11, 2003
Am I correct in assuming that the ATR Downpipe is a S.S. replacement for the stocker? Is the Mease one better? Is there anyone else who makes a Downpipe , besides Lee Thompson)?
The ATR piece is stainless 2 1/2" ( stock is 2 1/4"). It comes in one piece. Mease is only selling what he has on hand which is two piece. And I think Lee is all out and not currently making anymore.
the atr pipe is a nice

your not gunna find another pipe on the market that is a direct replacement, besides the atr pipe.

its a little of a pain to put in, but it will go in, after some swearing and threatening to set the car on fire, lol

i think most the 3 inch pipes cost a heck of alot more and are gunna he a hassle to install with the engine in the car.

the atr stainless pipe runs $150 dollars.
ATR downpipe

The ATR does the nicest downpipe for a hot air car. It is a 2.5" one piece pipe made of stainless steel. If interested in one we have ATR downpipes on sale right now.
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How about the Lee Thompson one?

You mentioned the Lee Thompson that one any good? I know that it is 3 pieces, so that should make it easier to install, right? Does anyone else here have a Lee Thompson DP that could tell me their sucess on it? How much more performance do you get out of it vs. the stocker?
the lee thompson 3" dp is nice,and yes it is 3 do have to run an external waste gate with it,as it does away with the stock elbow.

the mease 3" dp looks good and is a "terry houston" style with an integral wastegate.

the atr 2.5" is a stock replacement that bolts to the stock elbow.chris wilson went fast (117?)with his a few years ago in his intercooled hotair.

Re: ATR downpipe

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or (586)771-9122 Bruce Alred

hey bruce,i was rummaging around on your site and saw you have a used rear disc brake kit for sale...what kind is it and what comes with it?
does anyone know about the back-order ATR has on those Hotair downpipes? Last thing I heard when I placed my order was it will be two weeks, of course that was around thanksgiving (4 weeks ago). And does Aggressive Auto have the same back order? Do they have some in stock? I'll cancel my order and give my money to AA if they have one. I could really use it now.
If Mease still has one ON HAND, I just got mine about a week ago and it is a very nice piece. Might be an option.
the mease one is nice, but they are twice as much as the ATR. I was looking to spend in the ATR price range. Just wanting one sooner than "whenever" ATR gets them done.
atr dp

the atr dp is only 150?is it set up for stock converter?will i notice a big differnce?thanks andy
The ATR DP is a great unit, I have one and the difference was noticable before and after. I imagine you could probably get excellent performance from one, but the Mease unit gives you a little more. If you're thinking of going all out, might as well bite the bullet up front. Good to see another vendor making hot air parts, though.