ATR dp... header removal necessary?


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May 27, 2001
Im wanting to make this as simple as possible.. anyone ever put in an ATR dp without taking anything off? :D I really dont want to take off the header cause if i do then i might have to worry about crossover leaks and other leaks that I dont have right now.. ideas guys? I know theres no header gaskets.. should I put some rtv copper or somethin on if i have to take it off?
Ive never got mine in with the header on , i had to pull the header and then it go's right in. I put rtv on every thing cross over pipes and all. I have the soft metal gaskets and they never leak at the header, i think they are the stock one's.

Hope you have better luck then me and you can get it on with the header on.
bad ****ing luck

crossover bolts on pass side are NOT coming off

my friend tighted my ****ing 02 sensor WAY TOO TIGHT and now its also not coming off damn it.

argh. this is not cool.
How is it going with the down pipe , hope you got it ok. Iam sure your going to like it when your done.
DP is on!!

haha.. but.. my header is not.

ok, so the top back stud fell out.. there is a crack where the header turns up to connect to the up pipe, and there is a HOLE, a small hole about the dia of a #2 pencil lead right where the flange is for the crossover. damn i had leaks EVERYWHERE!!

tomorrow im gonna get it welded up, put the thing back together then hope someone can cut some of the extra length off the DP.. its so long it interferes with the y pipe...
Was it worth the trouble?

Hey Ttype 84 was it worth the trouble installing the dp? Reason I ask is that I have new fact. manifolds, crossover, Atr dp(on the way) and Atr up to put on the car and was wondeing if I'd be better off letting a muffler shop install it all. Any thoughts on what it would cost? How long did your install take? Thanks.
No do it your self , i do it all the time on mine its not that bad. Just get the down pipe in there first , then put the pass header on and go from there, H-ll if you lived by me i would do it for you.

I think we should all move to the same part of town.
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herbie you think you can hang? :D

Yea....I haven't ran my car for a while...maybe this up-coming season I will run it in no lead the way for right now...cause I will catch up!
I can fell the love , my self by the time i get the money for a tranny my car will probley be a big peice of rust and every body will be running 11's-12's