Used ATR headers and TH 3" DP


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Here is a used set of ATR headers and a 3" TH DP with external gate for sale. All items are as they came off the car, I only cleaned off the DP turbo mating surface to make sure there were no issues.

Headers have one hole as shown in picture. Crossover was welded at some point.

DP has some 'installation" dents but otherwise in good shape, turbo mating surface is in grat shape. It has the additional bung for a wide band sensor. Should clean up nicely.

More picture attached in post below.

$500 shipped to lower 48 only. It will be 2 UPS boxes and shipping will easily be $100 that I will pay.

PayPal or Venmo only. Located in Kansas City so local pick is an option.


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more pics...


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Hello, would you consider splitting these up? I'm interested in the DP. Is this a stainless steel, Terry Houston DP? I didn't know he made one in that style. Learned something new:)
Full Disclosure… the car came with that DP and that what is in the notes that I got with the car said. I never bothered to check. I just googled GN downpipes and this this very well may be a ATR downpipe.

Either way, the turbo surface is in great shape and it is stainless steel.

If nobody wants all if it by the end of tomorrow I will split it up for you. Let me know where I would be shipping to so I can estaimte the UPS.

I remember Red Armstrong selling TH downpipes for stock headers and aftermarket headers and thought they were all internal gated, but I could be wrong.
I have decided to keep these together and sell as a set based on advice above.

I will entertain offers.

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I guess I need a NEW DP. I have a brand new RJC never installed, is it not even close to working Scooby?
Mine wasn't even close to fitting...tho one member says RJC produced two different versions of their DP. Try it and see if it fits.