Attention BISHIR!!!!


May 24, 2001
Buddy, I need your mod list (if you want anything included) and timeslip for the calendar description with your car. If I don't get it by noon today, I will have to finish printing the first batch without it!

If anyone can get a hold of Jim personally, I would appreciate it.

i say take his car out and put mine in place, that will teach him!


when can we order these??????????

heh. thanks.....

look for ordering instructions this afternoon!

I am printing the first 30 without any details on James' car... :(
Todd the emails were getting returned and I forgot i could PM you here:confused:

Anyways here goes...

Owner: James and Rebecca Bishir

Mods: SMC Alcohol, 40# Injectors, TA-49, THDP with Testpipe, MCcord Electric Cutout, ATR 2.5 Stainless Exhaust, RJC Power Plate, Racetronix hotwire kit, Walbro 340, and some Mark Huffman goodies including the Big Mouth Cold Air Kit. Best time 7.70 in 1/8th shooting for 7.40s this Sunday since I haven't turned up the mods yet..


Well, thanks. The first 30 calendars I printed (last night before I left work) just went into the trash.... :(

I loaded the wrong paper, instead of the nice 24# glossy laser paper, I had the plain 20# bond in there. The black color just doesn't look good on 20#, so into the scratch paper bin they went.

So, they will all have your info in there....
:eek: You almost had me thinking I made you throw away those calendars! :eek:

Thanks for waiting. BTW, your email address kept sending back my messages what's up?

I would order one, but there are just tose pesky Buicks in there and no TTA's:D , well maybe next year
That was the email... OOps ;)

BTW, I don't remember any TTAs that submitted a picture....
There were no TTA's submitted this year.

But, a few might have been in my favorites from years past... ;)