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I got the GN blues
Jun 8, 2001
Work has already begun on my engine so If you still are selling that scan tool I'd like to meet sometime to learn how to use it. Also where would you recommend that I go buy all of the essential guages that I'll need. I was going to just order them from postons, but if anyone can tell me where I can get them faster or cheaper that would be great.

I found out that the noise my car was making was one of the wrist-pins "walked" and scored a cylinder wall. so the cylinder that was damaged will be sleeved and everything bored back to standard. plus I noticed one of the lifters was damaged and my mechanic comfirmed the cam is shot. two lobes are flat. I'm getting a little bump up in the cam specs, high volume oil kit, and new fuel pump(will install after car is running).

just an FYI for anyone interested.

Brad, you may want to consider turbo link instead if you have a lap top. More information and you can better tune your car. The directions for readings are part of the user guide. I can also point you in the correct direction. You were running a stock fuel pump on your 85? Any questions ask. Should have my 85 out here shortly and see if it is ready for Norwalk or not. Hope it runs better then the 12.81 (this was with a tranny issue) But I think we are well on our way to better times. You won't recognize the car it's been repainted.... It almost looks as good as the 87.
good news

I have access to a laptop now! one of my buddies will let me use his. So Turbolink it is. J&K how do I get turbolink and how much will it be? Yes I have a stock fuel pump, however seriously considering upgrading because I have a feeling 1 or 2 of my injectors are bad so I might as well upgrade those too. only thing is $$ is an issue. I'm going to head to the shop today to check on progress. I'll post later tonight to let you guys know what's up.

thanks for the help again!

Stock fuel pump could of been a lot of your issue you may have been lean. Not enought fuel. Go to turbo regal web site or look under scan tools on this board and find Ken Mosher. He is your turbo link guru. You then should consider upgrading to a 86 87 ecm for more chips... and better readings
Sorry I haven't posted............I'm sick as a dog.

I'm going to T-link myself, but keep in mind it works much better with the 86-7 ecm.

Good luck with the rebuild........and a stock pump really isn't enough for a stock car running right with good gas and boost.