AUCTION !!!! We are currently discussing the rules and how we should run.... Step on in live.

Was trying to figure out if we or I should turn off signatures. while in here . But I can see how to not view others but not if we can turn off our own. Anybody?

I am in here behind the scenes putting things together. Any input at all?

I would like to use tonight to put up some guidelines. Then maybe a dry run and then we can set up when and how we want to do this.
I wish we still had a chat room.
I was thinking maybe a way to do this is to have a CONVERSATION going and people go into thread of Auction and get invited in. All they have to do is ask and be a member. Ideas on this?
so if anyone wants to sell something in the auction how's that gonna work , should we send you pic and info via PM or to your phone ?
well Im open but yea, during the week or prior text them to me or in a PM ? what is your opinion
I turned off see signatures for this . Works well.
Only 109 here now.....
its your call, I would think having item pic and info in a PM to you would be the easiest then you can copy /paste, easier than downloading from phone
Yea I just tried to copy and draw on a pic. Came out crappy.
We can discuss and I will start a thread on the rules and afyer we figure out what we want I will post.
thats not what im talking about but anyways
rule #1 must be a member for more than a year or have at least 100 messages if new guy, like me LOL
rule # 2 no reserve
rule # 3 initial price will be up to seller and this will include shipping unless we get into large/ heavy items this shouldn't be a problem

auction to start and end at specific time , I think all items should remain open for bidding for duration of auction, what do you guys think ?? or if no bids within 30 minutes item done taken off no sale or what , input on this please

PM pics of item and starting price to bruce that way it will be run through him , it will keep the seller anonymous so no side action and other PM's going on

payment for items ?? once item is sold then identity of seller revealed to buyer for transaction/shipping details

just a little head start to iron out details
gotta go hope all goes well look forward to having some fun
thanks WE4

let us know
I will post the rules and guidelines we will start with. And a firm date to begin. I think We will try two deals. 1) will be 4-5 items to be bid on all evening with a closing bell.
2) will be 1 item at a time with a time limit then a gavel drop LIVE
Hell I don't know. In unchartered waters here. Flying by seat of pants.
I will try to get them up here asap.

Feel free to add to any of this.

I apologize for the delay in this. It is ALL ON ME! Just as I was getting things going, Dad got sick..which is looking like the end,,, and I have been on the move dealing with various family stuff. I WILL GET THIS OFF THE GROUND and running but I just need to get through the issues at hand in front of me right now. I PROMISE as soon as I get this other outta my way I will address.
It pisses me off that I started this with the best of intentions and had to put it on hold but family comes first.
I will make it happen... You just watch.

Thanks to all who keep sending in ideas as they will all be addressed and we will have some fun here in the near future.

Anybody who might like to help is encouraged to step up.

Thanks again, and we will get this up and running and have some fun.

and The Grass Doctor aka OLA BOB.....( I still think its funny as hell):ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: