Audiowizard is good people.


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I must say, sometimes when dealing with people and cars, mechanics or technicians can often talk to you like you are stupid. I deal with that alot. And it is hard to find good customer service these days. If you do receive good customer service it is "surprising". I must say that for any help I needed for my stereo hookup, Eddie was glad to help out and never made me feel stupid. In fact, he even taught me a few things. I must have called him 4 times in one day yet he was not disturbed. I would like to thank Eddie personally on this page and simply say "Audiowizard is good people." Thanks again. Look forward to seeing those door panels!

I really, really appreciate the kind words :) . I am actually touched by your post, its not everyday to hear that I am appreciated ( other than my wife and daughter). A pat on the back goes a long way in my book. I am hoping to have everything finished real soon so you can get your stereo going again in your car. Once I am done, I will e-mail you some pics of the door panels with the pods and speakers attached and the subwoofer cabinet with the subs installed. I want to make sure you like everything before I ship everything back to you. Thanks again for the kind words Scott :cool: .
IM with Scott here too. I have emailed audio many times on newbie 'stupid' questions on how to set up my new audio system in my GN and he has answered me every time with consise answers.. Thank you my friend:)
Your very welcome guys :) . I really appreciate the comments. Reading posts like these does brighten a persons day. Things like this mean alot to me, I appreciate you guys taking the time out to thank me :cool: .
Ahh Shucks.... you guys really get me...<voice cracking> ya'll are the best, man, were are those fargan napkins;)
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Thanks Vigor :) . BTW, how is your cap doing? and did you notice a difference with it?

I like it alot. The lights dont blink as much during heavy bass demands. Wish it would have totally rid of the blinking lights but oh well as long as long as my head lights dont blink during heavy bass notes like before ill be fine :) thanks once again for the installation tips!
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can u hear any difference in bass responce Russ?

Bass response is a better overall, dosent matter what im doing in the car the bass is always there.
The bass notes are more Steady with the farad cap. Occasoinaly During heavy bass blasts the lights would go dim and bass would fall short until i put in the Cap. Baiscally my entire stereo system runs at its full abilities. The lights do blink a little hardly noticeable. But before the stereo drained so much power even the head lights would be blinkin as i drive down the street lol
Overall i recommend one, if you really enjoy listing to your music. Every thing is always powered to its capacity, and never misses a note! should have went with the 1000 wat cap. beleive my stereo is putting out somewhere around 700 watts maybee more.
Main amp is a competetion amp i beleive gives the speakers are much juice as they want (audiowizard?), 150x2 rms. peaks at 300x2 not to mention my other amp powering the 6x9's :)
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Main amp is a competetion amp i beleive gives the speakers are much juice as they want (audiowizard?), 150x2 rms. peaks at 300x2 not to mention my other amp powering the 6x9's :)

You are correct, the cap gives you short quick bursts of voltage when the amp needs it. It charges rapidly and dissapates rapidly. I have always run capacitors in my systems with positive results, of course you need a good quality high CCA battery to help you do this.