Austin Area Turbo Buick Rally

My car is getting some work done right now (suspension mostly) but I'm down after I get it back!
Sweet guys, I've been out traveling for a few weeks but I'm back! :)

Look for a follow-up from me soon on the plan...
Turbo Buick Rally & Dyno Day @ Boost Logic in Austin, Tx on January 26th 2013

11:00 AM meet & greet at STILES BBQ parking lot on Lamar (
12:00 PM eat lunch & set dyno order ($50 per car for 2 pulls)
1:00 PM take a Turbo Buick caravan over to the dyno location
3:00 PM conclude / pics & dyno results posted to the Texas forum

** Date and locations will be tentative depending on interest level & weather **

IF you're interested in being a part of this please let me know and we'll get things rolling, the goal is to have fun, talk cars, bounce ideas off each other etc! :)
I don't get back from a trade show in CA until the 27th and will probably pick my car up the following week, so the 26th is out for me. I will check this thread for updates in case the date changes.
Ditto for me, work has me in Albuquerque from the 19-30. There's a chance I might make it home early, will have to play it by ear.
Should work for me - by the way I think you may have met my buddy Nathan at Cars N Coffee today. He texted me some pics of a white TR and then I told him to ask your screen name.