australain NA manifold help


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hey im from australia a drive a holden commodore fitted with a buick v6 a series one 3800 u call them. i was after some information on the tuned length manifold they use as the one my car runs isnt the best yet ur design looks much better. any one who knows anything about it that could help would be great thanks. here is a picture bellow of what im talking about some simular to this i am after, are they very expensive to buy from wrecking yards in the u.s. thanks again
the top picture is what im after and the bottom one is simular to what i have


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I saw one of those at the u-pull-it last week. I was checking it out because I had never seen one before. I don't know if it is still available.

Let Me Say It Again......i Saw One In The Junk Yard Last Week.... I Had Never Seen One Before That..... i Don"t Know If It Is Still There Or Not....
would u be able to get pics??? which one are u talking about the bananna looking one or box one
any idea of what car it came off?
It was the bananna looking one. Not sure of the model car I was just passing through looking under the hoods. I don't have any plans to go back any time soon. One of our suppliers is next to the yard so when I go there I look around. I do remember looking at it and thinking that I had never saw one before.