Auto-X Video's

Nice open and fast course! I would have made the trip if it wasn't in the opposite direction for us heading back from BG....

Nice pass!

The guy that does our courses is top notch.
I saw your car down in Bowling Green Friday. Looked good.
Hey guys!

I have tons of video's from the last couple years of events on my youtube channel. Check it out! I am also starting to do more g body specific "how to" videos so it should get interesting.
Hi Doug, Welcome to the Buick community! Guy's Doug here is a good friend of mine who does fantastic video's. His how-to video's on his youtube channel are very informative and would also relate to our Buick G-bodies as well..

Nice to see you here man...
I tried my GN out at Eagles Canyon one afternoon. My clients bought a bunch of track time but left early. Lost my stock brakes 3/4 of the way on the first Lap! My straight speed was nuts though :)

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