Autocross SOLO Handbook

scot w.
Here is a link to the East Tennessee Region SCCA SOLO II handbook. Here you will find everything needed for a successful season of Auto-crossing. Below you will find the following in this link and everything you need to know before/during your first Auto-X season.

This link will provide the information listed below
: Solo II Novice Handbook

What is Solo II

On Being a Novice

Description of the Novice Program

What to Bring to an Event

What Happens at a Solo


Tech Inspection

Course Walking

Drivers' Meeting

Your Runs

Your Work Assignments

Fun Runs

Course Clean-up

The Awards

Tech Inspection Requirements

Working Rules and Safety

Car set-up Tips

Course Walking Tips

Driving Tips

Solo Etiquette

How to Help Out at an Event

The Rule Book and Classes

PAX Index

Scot W.
Are you running at Good-Guys in Charlotte this weekend?
Are you running at Good-Guys in Charlotte this weekend?
I was planing on it and then heading to DSE's open house right afterwards but Good-guy's will not let a Turbo Regal run at their events! :mad: Has something to do with a certain year cut off..... Kind of bummed but I am a qualifier for the Optima Street car event in Vegas which is TOO Far to travel..... So it's that time of the year to do some more upgrades and come out next year swinging at the fences. :D
What's the cut off year Scott? Don't seem to have that issue down here.:p
If it's a Goodguys event it will be that way down there unless it's on a Sunday only! :rolleyes:

Pro Class - 1972 & Older
Street machine class - 1955-1972
Street Rod class - 1955 & older
Super Sunday class - 1973 and newer only one day "Sunday"