Autometer dual A-pillar pod question.


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I am going to install an Autometer dual A-pillar pod in my car. I was planning on using the existing holes in the A-pillar trim to mount it, however this still leaves me nowhere to run the wires without drilling into the original trim piece. I guess I dont really see any alternative with this pod but I figured I'd see if you guys had any ideas for me. Thanks in advance. John.

My dual pod was black plastic, which I felt would look stupid on gray GN pillar. So picked up another A-pillar (maroon) from a bone yard and made the modifications I wanted.

I located the pod a little higher up the pillar for better viewing. Once I had everything in place I used epoxy to make it solid, hole-sawed the center of the pillar for the gauges/wires and painted everything GN gray.