Autopsy of a accumulator/drier


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May 25, 2001
With a thousand other things I must do, I decide to cut some old regal accumulators into. In a crunch to sort, throw away, downsize, I will be tossing these away. Wanted to open these for some time, the old HVAC guy comes out.
The pics are showing 4 accumulators
cut open The desiccant sacks show various states of discoloration. Of course the darker ones are out of a system with problems. Compressor damage, failing, putting out metal into system. Existing trash, left in the system, when replacing a compressor that is not pumping.
Was pleasantly surprised, seeing how clean the internal cylinder were. The desiccant sacks are doing their job.

The pic of a aluminum tube, is in the very bottom of the device. There is a small hole shown. A round filter surrounds the hole, blocking trash from blocking the small hole. This hole is a oil return to the compressor.
Replacing this accumulator/drier
during major component replacement is highly recommended.
This is not a receiver/drier which was used on system with TXV metering systems. The are now fixed bore, orifice tubes.