AVC dash bezel


Jul 25, 2003
Looking for suggestions on how to have this reproduced or make one myself. Can anyone trace or already have a diagram so I could compare it to my completed housing measurement then cut it from a piece of clear plastic or Lexan?



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AVC Bezel

Too bad, you just missed a used one that sold on e-bay for $81.00 on Feb 20th.
In addition to the plexiglass lens, it also included the complete instrument / dash bezel.

These are pretty rare, but if you keep an eye open & check the forums and e-bay ....you never know what might become available?

I have a brand new AVC dash still in the box and never installed. It will be one of my projects to finally get around and doing this year. If I can help you with any dimensions, pics.....let me know....I'd be happy to help out.

Good Luck.