axel time


Jun 29, 2008
How fast can a GN safely go before you need to think about replacing the stock axels.12.00,11.50 or 11.00 or lower
depends how hard you come out of the hole. 60' are going to put a hurting on the axles. i think anything in the 1.5* your going to want to upgrade. you can have a 11.00 run and be soft out of the hole and be fine IMOP. upgrading axles is a cheap upgrade and can save you and your car from damage. i was lucky when i snaped my axle at the track.
I have made a few 1.57 and 1.6 60 footers in my sbc power wagon with a Gn rear. But Yes i am playing with fire at this point. Would recomend axles for anything in the 12.o or lower
I've got buddys that have gone low 11's on stock axels/wheel studs and I know a guy that broke a stock axel on the street with a mid 11 second car.

after I went mid 11s and wanted to go faster I had 33 spline axels and a spool installed and the rear end is the last thing I worry about.