Axle Codes Again ???


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Sep 5, 2002
With all these questions about axle codes I thought I would look and check out mine.

Problem I cannt find the code in the charts.

So if their is someone to enlighten I would appreciate the help.

Right side 14075742
Left side GM 2

i did a search on google last night and found that there are codes stamped on the right axle tube, but the article said facing from front, and it was the right axle tube...

i tried to find that same article, but i cant find it-

what info are you looking for? just the codes?
I've looked at those codes and cannt find the ones on my rearend.
I have seen another axle that is a posi with the 14075742 # but what does the GM2 indicate?? what year?
The trunk lid was changed and I don't have any of the rpo codes to go by.
you need to read the article-

to my understanding, those numbers your talking about there dont designate what year the rear is..
its the axle codes that do!

i believe if you read the article it says that the 3 digit codes are stamped on the axle tube :confused:

this is the easiest way to tell if its a 8.5 or a 7.5
one article says it will be really tough to find the codes when the rear is in the car-

so are you trying to find out if you have a posi rear?

other than the codes, what info are you looking to get?
Where else on the axle may I find the other codes.
Just trying to determine the rear with out dropping the pan.
What does the GM2 stand for if anything.
My car is a 84 with a 87 drivetrain, Just trying to determine what I have. I have taken photos but cannt attach.
?? What is the rearend worth?? in Dollars? if I wanted to sell.

if yours doesnt have the fangs, then its a 8.5 rear-

if its the stocker, then all 84-87 turbo regals have the same rear end- 3.42 gear ratio

some were posi some were not-

first of all check to see if there is a posi tag on it, if you pull the cover off and there is a BIG S shaped spring, then its a posi-

i sold one today for 600.00 with a driveshaft, steel drums, only 80K on the car....