back in town, also selling car


Feb 15, 2004
i returned to the island on thursday from deployment, sometime soon i might see you all at the track, its been a while since i been there. thanks stew for watchin over my car and doing what you could while i was gone. for anyone interested i still plan to sell it, anyone interested let me know, you can call me at 783-4742. its an '86, has around 156,000 miles, had top end rebuilt around 20,000 miles ago,some hi-performance bolt-ons. the car needs a ran fine before the turbo blew, then when that happened it wasn't too long before i deployed, so i had no time to fix it, and now i need to sell it. i will be glad to answer any questions,feel free to call me, i'm looking to get around $3,500 for the car.
Hope you're not leaving again so soon! Anyhoo welcome home! Just got back from a short one myself. Any problems getting it out of the impoundment lot? Let me know when is a good time I can bring your stuff to ya. stew
i am leaving for a month in mid december, but i leave the island for good in june. i am back for now, just leaving soon for a break to go home, not back to the desert. all i have to do is make an appointment with the mp's to get it out of storage, but i don't know if i wanna putr it back here on base, i was thinking of asking if anyone had a spot they'd let me put it in because if i dont get it registered and all t hat right away(like before i go on leave) then it porobly will get towed again, and i doubt that in the cars condition i could get all that done before i go on leave. but i will let you know when i get it out and all that, if i knew i had someone to buy it i'd get it out and bring it back on post, but i don't know how long it will sit here, so i donno, if anyone is interested in it; $3,500- needs new turbo/ or rebuild the one on the car(TA-49), other than that the car was fine before the turbo went. call me@ 783-4742.


Stew thanks again for all that you did while i was gone.