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trying to get shop all done. we are getting ready to pull car apart to rewire and re-plumb been running car for awhile and need to just go though car abd freshin it up. we might be changing ecu's as well but we should be well tested by bowling green now we are up in the carolinas kentuky is not that bad of a ride. but we are hopeing to see some big gains when we get running again. before we left to move we ran a 4.12 @ 164 which was off because we nipped a plug on that run thats why the mph was off we were way lean out back. the early numbers however do sho allot of potential. but we will see its easier said than done.
Turbodragster. Still on the alcohol?

I saw a blip on the TV of a Buick powered turbo dragster in an import class that I hear has been dissolved because of lack of entries. Was that you?
yes sr we seen allot of gains down low just need to get the fuel right out back and we think we might see a 3.99. 4.00's for sure but 3.99 maybe
I was talking with a Pro Mod friend that is getting ready to get his feet wet with this new car. He runs alcohol (methanol) with Enderle injection. They set the system up to run lean at the start and richen with each gear change. Most likely because of the lack of intercooling and the increase of engine load with each gear change. Their target a/f on the top end is 4.0 to one. That's with a mag. Hope this helps you.

Some other tips I got from the conversation with him.
Engine configuration: BBC based (wedge head)
Static CR: 11.5 to one
Ignition timing on the top end: 32 btdc
His max boost target, at this point, is 38 psi. He's starting out with 32 psi. He's running a slipper clutch so it's hard to start out with a smaller tuneup. It takes HP to make his combo work so they can start getting good data to work with for future changes.

When I say they run lean at the start, there is a fine line. They run lean enough for as close as possible to best lean power, but if they go too lean while the slipper clutch is slipping toward full engagement, they can get into an imbalance between the tune up and the clutch which unsettles the tires and causes tire shake.
Hi Barry!, Good to hear that you are back on the track and looking forward for nice numbers..... or "crazy" numbers!:eek: holy cow!!!:eek:

And.... as you guys knows.... we are still waiting for some movies on the fast dragster!

Got any help yet with the camera?

How do you tune the methanol? Lean at the start and then raise it down the gears? Program to read and programe it?