bad dimmer switch

Could a bad dimmer switch cause no instrument cluster lights and no parking lights? if so were can I get on reasonably they are $170 on GM parts direct. I have replaced the headlight switch and that didnt cure the issue I checked under the shifter bezel and in the trunk for a bad ground w/ a test light and its all good. ANY advise would be great.
dimmer switch/cluster lights yes, for the parking lights check for a blown fuse and check the bulbs can pick up a dimmer switch in the parts for sale sect. There are a few parting out car threads
The tail lamps fuse will cause both issues.

Dimmer switch would only kill the dash lamps.

Dimmer LPS fuse is fed by the 20A taillamps fuse, check that one first for sure.
The brown wire pin A on the headlamp switch is the output that feeds the tail lamps and also feeds the dimmer.

See if that has power on it with the headlamps on, or paking lamps on.

There is a splice in that wire above the fuse panel that feeds the dimmer so you will need power on that brown wire to make both the tail lamps and the dash lamps work.

Brown wire pin A headlamp switch.
thanks for the switch I put it in tonight and it was the issue all along. I think there was a dead spot in the reostat which for some reason was causing the parking lights and instrument cluster lights to break fuses.