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Oct 30, 2020
Analog Dash - None of the Lights on my Dashboard work - The Radio Clock lights up when lights off, but when I hit the lights, radio display goes blank - the Dimmer switch that turns on the interior lights works... the interior lighting and dome light turn on as should - yet all of the Dash lights are out - including the HVAC backlights. All of the Warning lights on Dash work - seatbelt, volts, check engine, bright light - just all of the backlighting is out.

-Checked the fuses none blow
-Changed the fuses even thou they weren't blown
-Changed the dimmer switch with a NOS
-Changed the Headlight switch with a NOS

Suggestions, thoughts, next steps - Thanks in Advance
Not sure of the wiring on a 1984 car but check/replace the 20A taillamps fuse that fix works for 87 cars.
I got a new circuit paper, replaced all light socket then replaced all bulbs with led's then mine worked fine. The old light sockets and circuit paper was worn out. I just upgraded to led's cause everything was already out.