Ball Bearing Turbo's


Sep 24, 2005
Do They Realy Spool Up Faster? Are They Worth The Money? They Seem To Be The Superior Design.I Would Imagine They Would Be Alot Easier To Rebuild.I Am Just Trying To Get Some Opinions From People Who Have Used Them.
Can only speak for myself. Had a TE45a P-trim, and went to a single BB T-netics 70 with a Q trim, and the 70BB actually spools faster. As for whether it's worth the $$, that is dependent on your needs versus your cash flow. Brian
I like them. Went times in my sig with an Art Carr 3200 stall with my 70BB p-trim and an .82 housing.
+1 for the BB70.

As far as rebuilding them, aaah..I think they are not rebuildable. At least the Garrett BB turbos are pretty much disposable. Maybe (big maybe) John C. can rebuild them, but I don't think so. They do last a while. I have had many on another car, and just the one 70 for my Buick.
I Guesed They Would Be Easier To Rebuild.i Thought They Would Be Similar To Other Thing That Use Ball Bearings.the Best Luck I Have Had With A Thrust Bearing Is 4yrs .but That Was A Small Shaft Turbo .the Turbo I Have Used Is A Rebuild Te60.
turbonetics bb turbo's spool instantly and are just about indestructable

definatly worth it if you want to run less stall and still have faster spool

after all my issues with pte turbo's I try to use all turbonetics stuff with 0 issues so far

Jack can help you out .. be sure to tell him Red talked you into it :D
I have an art carr ???? NL, I asked for a 3200, but sure seems higher at the track. No problem building boost with a 70 on a stock motor.