Barrett-Jackson "holy crap" thread

Morons! Just goes to show you don't have to have brains to have money. Barrett Jackson is a joke.
Looks clean. Wonder how many miles it's got.

Mike B.
Hey look at it like this, every time a dumbass over pays for a questionable car, imagine what that does to the values of our cars that are done right, you know with air filters and all :D
they don't tell you the mileage?

that "Buick chrome engine package" has gotta add some power, and the vacuum brakes means it will actually stop when you want it to.
It's not that the car is a pile of crap, but for that money you'd think it was an untouched, undriven, brand new car. I'd also like to know what the mileage was. Looks very similar to my car's options and condition, and i'd gladly take half that much money for it.

So I can spot an afpr and an adjustable wastegate actuator, and wtf is up with the pass valve cover breather? Looks to have the wrong valve cover on it.
That's just crazy! and to think I would sell mine for the same money? Maybe I should take mine to Barrett Jackson...
I'm thinking they took the engine pic way before the actual auction. Nobody would have bought that for that $$$ in that shape. Wrong brake system too.
While watching the TV coverage it looks like many older men are bringing their daughters to the event :) Except for Steve Magnante, the announcers do come across like total douches, they come across so serious and almost pompous with their self appointed expert attitudes. The guys who cover the Mecum auctions on Velocity TV are a lot more entertaining.
Wow, wasn't last year's GN's in top shape.low miles hitting at $20,000 range??? an the GNX's in the $75,000 range?
I had mine appraised at $55,000 couple weeks ago. Think i need to call that guy