Bate Show Vids

Looks like a great time. Thanks for the vids. BTW how do you guys afford a turbo buick and live in California??
Looked like a great time! Sorry I had to miss it this year, 1st time in 8 years!
See everyone at the swap meet if racing doesn’t conflict?
Whats up lil truck! Your front air dams went into perfectly thanks again. Also found that the pink/black wire when plugged into the live power fed on the battery, the fuel pump would not prime with key on and also it was continually giving power to the tps sensor with key off. Leaving it disconnected solved those issues. Hope to see you at the swamp meet! I'm going to try and convince my buddy with a 72 k5 blazer 6.0 liter twin turbo to make an appearance.

I used to do fancy videos back in the day, even made dvd's for a couple of people. But this gopro and its stabilizer works fantasic, all my old laptops and computers can't even play 4k at 60fps, so not really doing any editing atm. Even forgot how to enable comments on youtube videos, changed that for anyone who wants to post up.
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