Battery Butler 12 volt automatic battery storage charger & maintainer


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I've just started using one of these for about a week now and i'm impressed by it. Since the weather started getting cold the battery voltage would drop to 12.2 volts after not starting the car for about a week and a half. Now with this connected and plugged in the lowest the voltage drops to is 12.97 and then it starts charging and goes to 13.82 and repeats this cycle automatically. For $18.00 and the peace of mind knowing the battery will be maintained at full charge at all times and will extend the life of the battery it is a great deal. It only charges at a rate of 1/2 amp so no worries of it over charging when plugged in for long periods.

kirbanperformance part #7231

ALL Cars and Trucks -
BATTERY BUTLER® - 12-Volt Automatic Battery Storage Charger & Maintainer

This Battery Butler® is the least expensive method to retain a full battery charge on any 12-volt system in a car or truck in storage without overcharging. Delivers a safe, low amp charge that extends the life of your battery.

It’s compact, small enough that you could actually leave it under the hood when not in use in most applications.

It is designed for long-term use. You can leave it connected to a 12-volt battery indefinitely. This unit provides a safe, 1/2 amp regulated charge. It prevents the self-discharge of the battery, while extending the life of rechargeable 12-volt batteries rated from 5 to 125 amp-hours. It does so by providing a safe, low amperage regulated charge. Even trickle chargers are not designed for long term use. It maintains the battery at peak charge so it’s ready when you need it.

The red light indicates power from the wall outlet. The green light indicates the battery is being charged properly. Once the battery is charged, it will automatically shut off, then turn on again as the battery level drops.

There are 2 adapters included. Select either the battery clip adapter or the ring terminal adapter.

Charger unit measures only 1-1/2″ square by 3″ deep. This integrated power supply includes automatic charging, monitoring, and switching circuitry.

Input Voltage: 110 volts AC, 60 Hz
Output Voltage: 14 volts DC, 300-400ma
For use on 12-volt batteries only

The Battery Butler® automatic battery storage charger is designed for the maintenance of wet or gel-cell batteries that are stored or used periodically in such vehicles as cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, motor homes, ATVs snowmobiles, personal watercrafts, lawn tractors, farm equipment, etc. - anything that uses a 12-volt system.
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Kirban 2 cents worth

Appreciate the plug....years ago all those type maintainers were alot more money than they are now. amazing how electronics change so quickly...only smart phones buck the trend and cost more each time a new one comes out....

We sell alot of the battery today can't sit long without running them....probably cause of al the electronics in them heck some cars I can't even locate the battery in one of my wife's car....can't imagine when it dies where it is....unless I google it.
I bought one of those from Kirban's a few years ago. Used it every winter when my car was stored. Except this year! The last month of summer I noticed my battery wasn't holding a charge. So I plan on buying a new battery in the spring, no sense trying to keep it charged all winter.