Bazooka question


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Jan 25, 2012
Does anyone have or has used a 10 or 12 inch powered bazooka in our cars? How do they sound? I like it because it takes less room out of the trunk and no need for an amp since it brings one internally. Thanks.
I didn't have the powered unit but instead a pair of 8 inch. They really sounded good. After tons of experimenting I found they sound best by mounting them rear facing and aiming into the rear corners of the trunk. The 8's didn't reach the real low stuff but sounded better than most avergae to good 10's in a box. Great set-up.
I have a single 10" non-powered dual voice coil Bazooka, I even had to install a bass knob for the amp to turn down the bass and adjust it to where I want it with different sound volumes.

What I really like about it is that it gaves you more of your bass inside the vehicle instead of the outside of the car. So it's just for your listening pleasure instead of being a nuisance or risk being pulled over for loud music.
in my Monte i had an 10 W/O amp and it sounded great
My friend (Cutlass) had the 10 W/A amp and it also sounded great
Most mount them facing the rear of the car but i am trunk pack-rat so i have mines directly behind the back seat mounted left to right and it still sounds good.
I had that set up before. Behind the seat, spare tire well, but rear corner location sounded the best. I've used an 8, 10, & 2-10s isobaric compound. All worked for same reasons you're looking for : takes up less space & more room for slicks or fuel cell. Haha!