BB ta49 or BB TA-49 equivalent?


Jan 31, 2005
does anyone make a ball bearing TA-49 or is there a brand/model that is equivalent to the TA-49 turbo with ball bearings? also it would have to be for an internal wastegate(3" THDP). a water cooled option would be nice too.
There are small Turbonetics BB turbos but doing a ball bearing in a TA49 for a GN is a waste unless you want to keep the turbo forever due to the higher loads the BB can handle.

What reason are looking for the BB turbo that small?

Problem with equivalent turbo's is that the housing is probably a 4 bolt like the Mitsu 57 trim. I have this turbo in my 91 talon and its pretty similar to the TA49 but its a 4 bolt. Check out this link for BB turbo's none 3 bolt.
crownvic96 said:
I was just curious. and wondering if such a thing was available :)

Yes , we can make them, I would do it in a T44 vs the TA49. We can do BB on anything, right on up to Thumper turbos... :cool: