beat modded Supra from stop/lost from roll

ez at nova

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Jun 4, 2001
I came up next to a modded Supra Turbo at a light and when it turned green I ate him up...he sort of gave up soon knowing he wouldn't win. Then, I was going the speed limit (50) and he pulled up next to me and gunned it. By the time I realized what was going on and hit it, he had a bit more than a length on me and I couldn't pull him in (form about 50 to 90). I was sort of dissapointed. He signalled for me to pull over and we checked out each others cars and he was really cool and absolutely loved GN's and was looking to buy one. He said his supra does 11.7's so maybe that's why I couldnt' catch him, since they make most of their speed from a roll anyway.
Oh well, it was nice to see a Japanese car that was totally stock looking and had major power, and whose owner was really cool and normal...even if it was the first time in my life the GN hasn't been able to beat the opposition :(
Hey Jeff,

Nice kill and nice death :D

11.7 stock looking Supras are nice:cool:

I definately think the "from the roll" thing doesn't benefit TR's. You guys shoot out of the hole like nothing I've seen...well maybe some DSM's shoot out like you guys :)

Then again, a "real" from a stop so I say its.....



Thanks man.
Oh, I forgot to say, another guy hangning out in the lot looks in the engine bay and says "What's that, a 350?" I said, "noooo, a 231" He looked at me like I had 3 heads. "a 3.8" I said. ...."V6......turbo..." Then he just looks puzzled and says "Why'd you put that motor in there" I just couldn't talk to him anymore, I let me buddy in the Supra explain. hehe
Jeff C.
I know a couple of guys with supra's. All of them look stock, except 2 have huge intercoolers in the front. ;) One of them has 601hp at the wheels, one does 11's and the other is my brothers friends which should be 400+ hp when he gets it back together. My brothers friend even took the turbo emblems off just to mess with people.